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Art Think Tank

The Observatoire de l’art contemporain, an agency that aims to decipher the contemporary art scene, specializes in the analysis of market tendencies and creative trends. The observatory, which was launched in 2006, is based on a grid that allows to decode ongoing transformations in the creative scene, the art market and art in the business world.

Damien Hirst : To be or not to be an artist
Damien Hirst avec l’une de ses nouvelles oeuvres ‘‘Veil Paintings‘‘ à la Galerie Gagosian à Beverly HillsArt Market | (Being Translated) Damien Hirst mène une stratégie à contre-courant de celle qui lui vaut à ses débuts le qualificatif d’ « enfant terrible » de l’art britannique. D’une surprésence médiatique au cours des années 2000 faite d’une succession de […]
Read more » 30/04/19
Biotechnologies through the prism of creation
Vue d’exposition ‘‘Mutations/créations III - La fabrique du vivant‘‘ au Centre PompidouVIRTUAL•TIMEAnalysis out of the boxContemporary Art | Today, artists, architects and designers collaborate with biology laboratories to develop furniture and living spaces made of biotechnological materials. These materials are evolving and biodegradable. They shatter the boundaries between organic and […]
Read more » | 15/04/19
(RED) Auctions - une vente de charité qui attire les puissants du marché
Larry Gagosian, Theaster Gates, Bono, et David Adjaye lors de The (RED) Auction en collaboration avec Sotheby’s et Gagosian au Moore Building le 5 Decembre 2018 à Miami, FlorideArt Market | (Being Translated) Depuis 2008, Sotheby’s organise (RED) Auctions, une série de ventes caritatives destinées à récolter des fonds pour soutenir des programmes de lutte contre le sida en Afrique. Pour chaque édition, une même ligne directrice. Des […]
Read more » | 11/04/19
Art Paris, The tendencies
Esther Ferrer, ‘‘Mains féministes‘‘ #01, série Le livre des mains, 1977Art Market | In line with current societal mutations, Art Paris has sharpened its local-global identity by following a specific process that allows the encounter of international artistic realities within French and European contexts. The 2019 edition deepens the […]
Read more » | 27/03/19
Ruinart se raconte par l'art
Collaboration Vik Muniz & Ruinart, 2019Art & Business | (Being translated) Ruinart, doyenne des Maisons de Champagne, investit la presque totalité de son budget de communication dans l’art, par le biais de commandes sous forme de carte blanche auprès d’artistes et par le mécénat de foires majeures. Un […]
Read more » | 26/03/19
“Young art critics” organize themselves into a confederation
YACI - Young Art Critic InternationalContemporary Art | The art scene’s globalization, the market’s pressure and the development of the internet, have profoundly marked art criticism and weakened its scope. The “Young art critics” collective, constituted in 2015 and composed of around fifteen members […]
Read more » 25/03/19
Le Havre, art, architecture and economy
Karel Martens (Pays-Bas), Couleurs sur la plage, 2017/2018Analysis out of the boxContemporary Art | In order to face the new stakes of metropolization and the economic mutations affecting French cities, Le Havre has been building the framework of an ambitious cultural policy since 2010. In 2017, “Un été au Havre” (A summer in Le Havre) was […]
Read more » | 19/03/19
Time machine, bringing the past back to the present
Morehshin Allahyari, Material Speculation: ISIS, Lamassu (2015-2016)VIRTUAL•TIMEAnalysis out of the boxContemporary Art | “As electrically contracted, the globe is no more than a village” With this famous sentence Marshall McLuhan revealed in 1964 that the « electric » contraction of the globe disrupts not only the present space-time - we communicate instantly from one […]
Read more » | 13/03/19
Forensic Architecture: extension of the field of architecture
The Architecture of Hellfire Romeo: Drone strike in Miranshah, Pakistan, 2012VIRTUAL•TIMEContemporary Art | Forensic Architecture is an atypical research agency founded in 2011 and based at Goldsmiths College in London. Its founder Eyal Weizman explains that the term forensic is to be understood by getting back to the Latin forensis, « what pertains […]
Read more » | 14/02/19
The Sao Paulo Biennial intertwines cultural visions and generations
Vue générale du Pavillon de la 33e Biennale de Sao PauloContemporary Art | Created in 1951, the 33rd Sao Paulo Biennial, the largest one in South-America, went beyond conventional codes by focusing mainly on the work of seven artists-curators. The edition entitled Afinidades Afetivas (Affective affinities), was curated by […]
Read more » | 28/01/19
Christie’s: new perspectives and uncertainties
Loic GouzerArt Market | After reaching exceptional sales in terms of revenues and volume in the past years, Christie’s entered 2019 amid major internal turmoil. The latest change - and one of the most significant ones - is the resignation of Loic Gouzer announced on December […]
Read more » 25/01/19
Sémiotique d’un gilet et de sa couleur jaune fluo
Gilet jauneAnalysis out of the boxContemporary Art | (Being translated) Souvenons-nous des Gilets ready-made rectifiés, avec boutons à caractères d’imprimerie, que Marcel Duchamp offrit à sa femme Teeny (1957) pour le troisième anniversaire de leur mariage, puis à Sally (1958) la belle-fille de […]
Read more » | 18/01/19
What is digital drawing ?
David Hockney, untitled 918 & untitled 922, 2011
iPad drawingVIRTUAL•TIMEContemporary Art | « I was amazed that it was the telephone which can bring back drawing. I thought that was very funny ! » notes David Hockney, who took hold of the iphone and then the ipad for drawing almost as early as they appeared (2007 and 2010), and recovered with […]
Read more » | 12/01/19
Art Basel Cities Week - Buenos Aires
Barbara Kruger, Untitled (No puedes vivir sin nosotros / You Can’t Live Without Us), lors de “Hopscotch (Rayuela),” pour Art Basel Cities: Buenos Aires, 2018Art Market | Confirmed during the summer of 2016, the partnership between the Swiss fair and the Argentinian capital “Art Basel Cities : Buenos Aires” enters a new phase with the implementation of the first “Cities Week”, which includes a series of events […]
Read more » 06/01/19
Le Bon Marché: a commitment with art, from cultural supplements to cultural experiences
Expo ER XI Ai Weiwei au Bon Marché oeuvre Le HeluoAnalysis out of the boxArt & Business | Art holds a position of central importance at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche. This strong commitment reflects the store’s desire for proximity and exchange with artists and creators who invite us to explore new worlds and endless possibilities. These […]
Read more » | 05/01/19
How dœs an artist work in virtual reality?
Jeff Koons, Phryne avec Acute Art, œuvre en réalité virtuelle•TIMEContemporary Art | The technological transformations specific to virtual reality open the way for the first artistic experiments. Collaborations between artists and specialized service providers are developing, although the cost of production remains very high. From a […]
Read more » | 14/12/18
Longchamp, une marque boostée à l'art
(à gauche) façade du flagship Longchamp sur la 5e avenue de Manhattan, New York - (à droite) Carlos Cruz-Diez - Transchromie Mécanique AléatoireAnalysis out of the boxArt & Business | (Being Translated) 70 ans en 2018 ! Marque indépendante toujours dans le giron de l’entreprise familiale, 3e génération aux commandes, notoriété internationale. Elle détient le record du sac le plus vendu au monde, Le Pliage, tout en cultivant […]
Read more » | 28/11/18
Paris Photo 2018, une ampleur Fine Arts
David Hockney - Focus Moving, 2018Contemporary Art | (Being translated) Depuis son installation au grand Palais, Paris Photo s’attache à développer tous les aspects du médium photographique avec une ampleur et une exigence qui portent aujourd’hui tous leurs fruits. Cette qualité « Fine arts » et […]
Read more » | 27/11/18
When an event’s marketing manipulates the market and information
L’oeuvre ‘‘Girl with Balloon‘‘ adjugée 1.185.000 € lors de la vente Sotheby’s Londres du 5 octobre 2018Art Market | While Christie’s advertised the “first” artificial intelligence artwork produced by the Obvious collective, Sotheby’s presented a “guaranteed event” with the sale of an artwork by Banksy that “self-destroyed in public”. The issue : the […]
Read more » | 31/10/18
Art & Charity - The art market’s favorites mingle with the stars
Leonardo DiCaprio remettant le prix Art & Environment Award 2018 à l’artiste Wayne ThiebaudArt Market | Global awareness of the ongoing environmental crisis engages political, creative and media circles. For several years now, celebrities have used their influence to support the environmental cause through foundations and fundraising campaigns. Among […]
Read more » 29/10/18

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Leonardo DiCaprio remettant le prix Art & Environment Award 2018 à l'artiste Wayne Thiebaud