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Art Think Tank

The Observatoire de l’art contemporain, an agency that aims to decipher the contemporary art scene, specializes in the analysis of market tendencies and creative trends. The observatory, which was launched in 2006, is based on a grid that allows to decode ongoing transformations in the creative scene, the art market and art in the business world.

La jeune génération de collectionneurs chinois: profilage
Grand Opening Celebration at Shanghai K11Art Market | (Being Translated) La Chine compte plus de 600 milliardaires. Chaque semaine, de nouvelles puissances économiques voient le jour principalement à Beijing, Hong Kong et Shenzhen. Parmi elles, de jeunes figures se démarquent et investissent le marché […]
Read more » | 15/11/17
Prospective trends seen at FIAC 2017
Tomás Saraceno, Stillness in Motion - 35.02, 2017Art Market | Although leading international art fairs are mainly market-oriented, they also convey relevant information on creative trends. As far as the art market is concerned, the International Contemporary Art Fair (FIAC) confirms the concentration of historic […]
Read more » | 25/10/17
Ai Weiwei et son alter égo médiatique
Ai WeiweiArt Market | (Being Translated) Depuis son arrivée en Allemagne en juillet 2015, l’artiste Ai Weiwei démultiplie les expositions et les interventions publiques aux quatre coins du globe. Pour chacune de ses récentes actions, l’artiste exploite son alter ego […]
Read more » | 22/10/17
When artists encounter the olfactory sense
Chambres à part 13 - Marc Quinn, The Vortex of Desire, 2011, Ed. 4_5Contemporary Art | Some artists have appropriated the structure of the immaterial medium that is the olfactory system. […]
Read more » 20/10/17
The House of Dust By Alison Knowles: the pœtry of algorithms at the CNEAI
Exposition CNEAI - House of Dust, Vue GénéraleContemporary Art | The House of Dust is the CNEAI’s inaugural exhibition at its new location in Pantin. It reactivates the reflections developed by Alison Knowles during the late 1960’s, which focused on the prospect of an architecture embracing both pœtry and […]
Read more » | 07/10/17
Market and Mondiality at the Galleria Continua
Premier plan : Kader Attia - Le grand miroir du monde, 2017
Second plan : Leila Alaoui - Les Marocains, 2010-2014Art Market | Since 2008, Galleria Continua hosts an event/fair that brings together galleries from around the world in its site Les Moulins, one hour from Paris. The Galleria’s 2017 edition took place at the same time as the FIAC; it was presented at CENTQUATRE’s […]
Read more » 27/09/17
Documenta #14: a focus on militant activism
Cecilia Vicuña, Quipu Mapocho (2016), performance, Llolleo, ChiliContemporary Art | Five years after Documenta’s 13th edition Collapse and Recovery, which was directed by Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev; Adam Szymczyk prolongs the former director’s vision while adding a militant orientation. Under his direction, Documenta 14 (2017)  […]
Read more » 26/09/17
FRIEZE and FIAC: What is new?
Michael Craig-Martin, Wheelbarrow (red) (2013), New Art Centre / Gagosian 
Frieze Sculpture 2017Art Market | While alternative and specialized fairs are rapidly gaining influence, FRIEZE and FIAC inaugurate a tight schedule of international art fairs in October. Both fairs provide cultural programs with a relevant presence of emerging young contemporary artists […]
Read more » 13/09/17
“Alien”: anticipation of a potential future at the Moss biennial
Bui Adalsteinsson, Fly Factory, 2014Contemporary Art | The ninth edition of the nordic Momentum Biennial, which takes place in the city of Moss in Norway, explores the notion of Alienation through the technological, ecological and social transformations that result from our hyperconnected digital age. In […]
Read more » | 11/09/17
Le Qatar et l'art, les clés pour comprendre
Exterior of Al Riwaq Exhibition Hall, Doha, QatarAnalysis out of the boxArt Market | (Being Translated) Avec la découverte du pétrole sur son sol dans les années 1940, le Qatar passe d’une économie perlière à une économie mondialisée. Aujourd’hui, l’émirat construit une stratégie de développement à l’image d’une […]
Read more » | 30/08/17
Fiber Art, a thread that weaves different worlds
Chiharu Shiota, where are we going, 2017Analysis out of the boxContemporary Art | Thread is made of fiber - textile, paper or other - and bears witness to an ancestral process. From fiber to thread, from spinning to weaving, tools are born, a knowledge base, forms, architecture, culture, networks’ up to the present day, where the […]
Read more » | 22/07/17
Damien Hirst at the Pinault Foundation: a market revitalization
Damien Hirst, The Void (2000) vendue 5,85 millions de dollars chez Phillips New York le 18/05/2017Art Market | Following a severe decline in Hirst’s prices and an increase of unsold works between 2008 and 2014, since 1 January 2016 Christie’s and Sotheby’s auction results in Hong Kong, New York, London and Paris have improved. This can be interpreted as a […]
Read more » 28/06/17
The Damien Hirst effect at the Pinault Foundation in 2017
Damien Hirst, with “Demon with Bowl (Exhibition Enlargement)” from his new show, “Treasures From the Wreck of the Unbelievable,” at the Palazzo Grassi in VeniceArt & Business | Damien Hirst has taken over the Pinault Foundation’s Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana with his exhibition Treasures From The Wreck of the Unbelievable. Although the artist has deliberately reduced his presence on the international scene, the event […]
Read more » 27/06/17
Art Basel #17, reconfiguring the market around essentials
Franz Erhard Walther, Der Genauigkeit wegen nur lose angelehnt, 1980-83Art Market | The art scene´s recent tendency has been to develop hyper-specialized alternative fairs, often devoted to one specific culture. In this context, Art Basel #17 confirms a new trend observed in 2016 in Art Cologne, the Frieze Art Fair and the FIAC : the […]
Read more » | 27/06/17
Seen at the 2017 Venice Biennale: art that perceives, anticipates and reflects on the complex world
View of the exhibition “The Boat is Leaking. The Captain Lied.” Fondazione Prada, Venice / From left to right: Thomas Demand, Regen (Rain), 2008 - Alexander Kluge, “…Kommt ein Schiff gefahren” (“…A Ship Sails this Way”), 2017Contemporary Art | Complex thought, a contemporary philosophical current created by scientist Henri Laborit and conceptualized by Edgar Morin in 1982 (Science with conscience), is expanding in the context of our globalized world. Complexity has gradually infiltrated […]
Read more » | 08/06/17
Psychoanalysis of the garden
Miguel Chevalier, Magic Carpets, Castel del Monte, Italie, 2014Analysis out of the boxContemporary Art | In his text Of other spaces, Heterotopias (1967) Foucault wrote : “ (…) the garden is a rug onto which the whole world comes to enact its symbolic perfection, and the rug is a sort of garden that can move across space. The garden is the smallest […]
Read more » | 26/05/17
Exposition Mondialité, Manthia Diawara, Edouard Glissant, One World in RelationContemporary Art | Curators Hans Ulrich Obrist and Asad Raza have conceived Mondialité, an exhibition that differentiates itself from the current effervescence around contemporary African art at the Boghossian Foundation’s Villa Empain. Through the concept of […]
Read more » 23/05/17
The online art market, a sector in development
Courtesy of NYPostArt Market | The 5th edition of the Hiscox Online Art Trade Report, which was published by Hiscox in collaboration with ArtTactic, reveals a 2-digit growth in the online sales market, as it did last year. The report is based on the responses of 758 art buyers (up […]
Read more » | 21/05/17
Koons/Vuitton bag: a new co-branding scheme
Masters les grands maîtres, 2017, Jeff Koons X Louis VuittonArt & Business | Vuitton’s new line of bags Masters was designed by artist Jeff Koons, who appropriated the principle of museum-derived products and amplified it through four levels of co-branding in an unprecedented collaboration proposal. […]
Read more » 14/05/17
Hôtel Grand Amour : ''in bed with Claude Rutault''
Vue de la Chambre 105 par Claude Rutault à l’Hôtel Grand Amour, 2017 ʺà vous de jouerʺArt & Business | Following the trend set by hotels that are searching for synergies with the art world, regardless of their rating, the Grand Amour Hotel asked Claude Rutault to conceive an art installation in one of its rooms, offering a whole new experience : the […]
Read more » 26/04/17

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Vue de la Chambre 105 par Claude Rutault à l’Hôtel Grand Amour, 2017 ʺà vous de jouerʺ