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Art Think Tank

The Observatoire de l’art contemporain, an agency that aims to decipher the contemporary art scene, specializes in the analysis of market tendencies and creative trends. The observatory, which was launched in 2006, is based on a grid that allows to decode ongoing transformations in the creative scene, the art market and art in the business world.

How dœs an artist work with artificial intelligence ?
Vera Molnar, Square Structures,1989VIRTUAL•TIMEContemporary Art | As Christie’s auctioned for the first time (October 2018) a painting created using artificial intelligence by a French collective called Obvious, the magic expression is on every mouth. What is art by artificial intelligence?
Art by artificial […]

Read more » | 15/10/18
Frieze, FIAC, Paris Photo : les tendances à connaître
Sanja Iveković, REČENICA (The Sentence), 1979Contemporary Art | (Being Translated) Les trois foires majeures qui inaugurent la saison internationale affichent une programmation culturelle qui rejoint un vaste mouvement de réécriture de l’histoire de l’art dans le droit fil des mutations sociétales en […]
Read more » | 28/09/18
Ecoles d'art: le projet Artagon régénère le marché des émergents
Ann Rotaenko, Real weapon, 2018Contemporary Art | (Being Translated) Pour sa quatrième édition, Artagon IV continue son exploration internationale au sein des écoles d’arts. Cette jeune organisation, s’attache à l’émergence d’une jeune génération internationale d’artistes, organise de […]
Read more » 22/09/18
Prospective, l'art à l'ère de la blockchain
Cryptocurrency Art GalleryArt Market | (Being translated) Depuis son apparition au lendemain de la crise des subprimes, le terme de « blockchain » provoque un engouement qui s’étend à l’échelle planétaire. Pensée à l’origine comme l’infrastructure sur laquelle reposent le […]
Read more » 17/09/18
Data Design, making the invisible intelligible
L’application Architecture of RadioVIRTUAL•TIMEContemporary Art | « Data » - today the term refers to any digitally recorded activity, composed of the computer flows generated by everyone on the Internet. This active memory is invisible. For the past twenty years, data design has been working to make data visible, to […]
Read more » | 13/09/18
Luxe, Art, Charité – une synergie si parfaite
Vente aux enchères menée par Alexandre Millon lors de la première édition de recto/verso en 2015Art & Business | (Being translated) En parallèle de leurs activités commerciales, on observe une multiplication des actions philanthropiques associant les marques de luxe à l’art et aux ventes caritatives. Ces actions, ponctuelles ou régulières, répondent à de […]
Read more » | 09/09/18
Christie's et Sotheby's, les bilans semestriels 2018
La collection de Peggy et David Rockefeller, ‘‘19th and 20th Century Art‘‘ - Vente du soir à New York le 8 mai 2018Art Market | (Being translated) La publication des bilans respectifs des premiers semestres 2018 de Christie’s et Sotheby’s révèle une tendance générale en forte progression : +35% pour Christie’s avec un volume de vente de 4 milliards de dollars, +22% pour […]
Read more » 09/09/18
Will virtual reality museums transform the experience of the work of art?
Musée virtuel dslcollectionVIRTUAL•TIMEContemporary Art | The recent years have seen the emergence of virtual reality museums. Private collections are pioneers in this field, seeking a presentation mode that responds to the changes in contemporary society by making them accessible to a wider public. These […]
Read more » | 21/08/18
The Rockefeller’s collection under Christie’s gavel: a charity sale breaks the market’s records
La collection de Peggy et David Rockefeller, ‘‘The Art of the Americas‘‘ - Vente du soir à New York le 9 mai 2018Art Market | Partnerships between commercial companies and the non-profit sector as well as actors from the art market have become increasingly common. The constant increase of charity art sales during the last decades reflects a market trend. Peggy and David […]
Read more » 31/07/18
MoMAR: pirating a Museum through augmented reality
MoMARVIRTUAL•TIMEContemporary Art | In March 2018, the Jackson Pollock room in the New York City Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) was hacked; revealing how augmented reality has extended hacking to physical sites. On the website dedicated to this intervention one can read : “Welcome to […]
Read more » | 27/07/18
Takashi Murakami / Virgil Abloh: from wearable art to exposable fashion
Vue de l’exposition Murakami & Abloh - ‘‘Technicolor 2‘‘ à la Galerie Gagosian ParisArt & Business | Japanese artist Takashi Murakami and American designer Virgil Abloh have crossed their respective brands’ universes and are exposing the works that have resulted from this collaboration at the Larry Gagosian’s gallery. This “star trio” has […]
Read more » 26/07/18
Market prospective: Takesada Matsutani
Takesada Matsutani, Paris, mai 2015Analysis out of the boxArt Market | Born in Osaka in 1937, Takesada Matsutani has developed a complex body of work in the past 50 years. The artist intertwines the universe of traditional Japanese painting and the avant-garde spirit of the Gutai movement, also drawing inspiration from […]
Read more » | 21/07/18
Togo’s Palais de Lomé, joining the cultural trend
Palais de LoméContemporary Art | In Togo, the Palais de Lomé’s renovation project is part of the broader contemporary art movement currently underway in West Africa. The Palace considers itself a favorable location to promote both a creative and social space, in the hope of […]
Read more » 27/06/18
Expansion of the art press’s scope
Sans titreArt & Business | The French press specialized in art is currently going through a process of reconfiguration. It evolves in response to the globalization and market complexification phenomenons, which lead to a multiplication of stakeholders, an increasing audience for […]
Read more » | 26/06/18
Les centres commerciaux et l'art
MédiacitéAnalysis out of the boxArt & Business | (Being translated) Dès le début du XXe siècle, les grands magasins et l’art se sont entrecroisés. Aujourd’hui, plus que de simples initiatives sporadiques, des centres commerciaux font entrer l’art, l’exposition, la collection ou l’installation […]
Read more » | 25/06/18
Prospective Marché: le cas Supports/Surfaces
Vue de l’exposition ‘‘Claude Viallat, Oeuvres Majeures 1967 - 2017‘‘ à la Galerie Ceysson & Bénétière New YorkAnalysis out of the boxArt Market | (Being Translated) En octobre 1970, dans une société française qui mesure l’ampleur des répercussions de mai 68, une douzaine d’artistes investit le Musée d’art Moderne de la Ville de Paris sous le nom Supports/Surfaces. Ce groupe militant […]
Read more » | 31/05/18
A cultural revolution: the Fondation Cartier at Shanghai’s Power Station of Art
Exposition Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, A Beautiful Elsewhere, présentée du 25 avril au 29 juillet 2018 au Power Station of Art, Shanghai, Chine.Contemporary Art | The Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, one of France’s precursory corporate foundations, is exhibiting in the first Chinese public museum devoted to contemporary art since 2012 : the Power Station of Art (PSA). […]
Read more » 31/05/18
Market outlook: Adrian Ghenie’s case
L’oeuvre Nickelodeon, 2008 d’Adrian Ghenie vendue 8.993.042$ (est. 1.265.022 - 1.897.533$) par Christie’s Londres le 6 octobre 2016Art Market | Berlin-based Romanian artist Adrian Ghenie, has reached an international dimension in only a matter of years. Ghenie belongs to the generation that lived through Romania’s shift from a dictatorship to a freer society in 1989, after Ceausescu’s […]
Read more » | 29/05/18
Can a French award increase an artist’s international reach?
Prix Marcel Duchamp 2017 Joana Hadjithomas et Khalil JoreigeAnalysis out of the boxContemporary Art | As in other professional corporations, the field of contemporary art counts with a variety of awards; given by brands, companies, foundations, collectors’ associations… While not all of them have a significant impact on their beneficiary’s […]
Read more » | 30/04/18
Market prospective: Eugène Leroy’s case
L’oeuvre ’’Grand nu assis’’, 1978-1980 adjugée par Artcurial pour 74.352€ (est. 50.000 - 70.000€) le 29 janvier 2008Art Market | Born in 1910, Eugène Leroy has been known since the 1970’s for his enigmatic art, which is characterized by the accumulation and solidification of pictorial materials into several layers. After his death in 2000, his work was progressively left behind […]
Read more » | 30/04/18

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L'oeuvre ''Grand nu assis'', 1978-1980 adjugée par Artcurial pour 74.352€ (est. 50.000 - 70.000€) le 29 janvier 2008