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L'Observatoire de l'art contemporain is a digital deciphering resource focused on global changes in the ecosystem of the art. It selects all signs of change and transforms them into data. Its team of specialist contributors filter, analyze and control the flow of news in contemporary art, art and business, art market. It offers exclusive content distanced news.

Art Paris Art Fair à l'heure du Tout-Monde
Namsa Leuba - Thumbs Up, from the series Zulu Kids, 2014 / Représenté par la galerie Art Twenty One (detail)Contemporary Art | La foire de printemps à Paris, Art Paris Art Fair, se démarque de la FIAC en automne, par une approche locale-globale des scènes du monde, avec un esprit de découverte et de brassage. Les galeries européennes côtoient cette année les scènes du […]
Read more » 27/03/17
Manifesto : l'art se conjugue au présent
Julian Rosefeldt. Manifesto, Park Avenue Armory, New York, Décembre 2016 – Janvier 2017Contemporary Art | Manifesto, l’œuvre multi-écran de l’artiste allemand Julian Rosefeldt réactive au présent les manifestes historiques de l’histoire de l’avant garde occidentale au XXe siècle. Il fait apparaître la fraîcheur de leur pertinence au XXIe […]
Read more » 26/03/17
A Maastricht, TEFAF CURATED incruste le marché des anciens
TEFAF 2017 Curated La Grande Horizontale, David Tremlett and Michel VerjuxContemporary Art | Pour la troisième fois TEFAF Maastricht continue à développer TEFAF curated, une ponctuation contemporaine destinée à relier les temps et dynamiser les marchés. […]
Read more » 17/03/17
The rising development of the contemporary art market in Africa
LagosPhoto 2016Analysis out of the box | According to the United Nations’ projections, the African population will reach 1.5 billion inhabitants in 2025; among them 60% will live in urban areas (2015 DESA report). Although it is often qualified as a “rentier continent”, stuck in the […]
Read more » | 24/02/17
The Trésor d’Angoulême, Jean-Michel Othoniel’s integral work of art
Jean-Michel Othoniel, Le Trésor de la cathédrale d’Angoulême, vue de la salle dédiée au Merveilleux, 2016.
Une commande publique de la DRAC Nouvelle- AquitaineContemporary Art | Jean-Michel Othoniel has occupied a central position in the contemporary art scene since the 2000s, due to his famous installation in the entrance of the Parisian subway station Palais-Royal ; which was built with Murano glass (his preferred material)  […]
Read more » 14/02/17
Julie Mehretu and Ibrahim El Anatsui’s in the art market’s speculative sphere
Julie Mehretu, Retopistics: A Renegade Excavation (2001), vendue 4.603.750 USD par Christie's New York en 2013 (estimations: 1.400.000 - 1.800.000 USD) | Both eminent figures of the contemporary art scene in Africa, coming from different generations, Julie Mehretu and Ibrahim El Anatsui have incorporated the art market’s speculative sphere by fetching top prices at auction sales. This trend, observed by […]
Read more » 13/02/17
Reflecting on creation - Reflecting on contemporary Africa
Appartement, exposition de Caroline TruccoContemporary Art | The continent’s economic development prospects have triggered a process of reflection around its current potentialities and its future. The dynamic has taken place in a continual back and forth between the African continent and France. […]
Read more » 07/02/17
The Sharjah Biennial broadens its influence
Amal Kenawy Non stop conversation, 2007 Padded satin covers, installation and performance Installation View  Commissioned and Produced by Sharjah Biennial 8Contemporary Art | The Sharjah Biennial, which was created in the United Arab Emirates in 1993, will expand in time and space throughout its 2017 edition. Its curator, Lebanese Christine Tohme, reassesses the biennial’s role with a multidisciplinary program that unfolds […]
Read more » 31/01/17
The African case, an art market in the making
Njideka Akunyili Crosby, Nwantinti, 2012 | In 1989, not only did the exhibition “Magiciens de la Terre” reverse prejudice but it also predicted an emerging art market. From 2004 to 2007, Africa remix, an itinerant exhibition led by curator Simon Njami, presented the continent’s plurality as […]
Read more » | 31/01/17
Web trends : Kader Attia’s notoriety rises
Sans titre | Since he was awarded the Prix Marcel-Duchamp 2016, Kader Attia has become the most visible artist on the web. Of 130.8K mentions recorded from July 1, 2016 to January 20, 2017, 32% refer to the decoration which honors « a French artist or artist residing […]
Read more » 20/01/17
Journey across the infrathin, a virtual exhibition
Larry Bell, Standing Walls à la Chinati Foundation 2014Analysis out of the boxContemporary Art | Picture yourself entering an exhibition space where you are welcomed by small black mirrors, their reflections giving the whole room a golden shade. You can pick them up and wander around the exhibit with them. You look for Lorrain’s paintings but find […]
Read more » | 16/01/17
Thread and fiber
Where are we going, installation de Chiharu Shiota,Bon MarchéAnalysis out of the boxContemporary Art | Thread is made of fiber - textile, paper or other - and bears witness to an ancestral process. From fiber to thread, from spinning to weaving, tools are born, a knowledge base, forms, architecture, culture, networks’ up to the present day, where the […]
Read more » | 01/01/17
Artcurial’s sale of Michel Fedoroff’s collection boosts the French art market
Daniel Deward & Grégory Gicquel, Mason Massacre, 2008 / estimation: 40.000 - 60.000€ vendu 149.500€, prix record pour une œuvre du duo d’artistesContemporary Art | On 28th November 2016, the auction house Artcurial sold the collection belonging to Michel Fedoroff – a Monaco-based, French collector- revealing an upward trend in the relevance of the French art market. Former CEO of a music production and editing […]
Read more » 15/12/16
The birth of a Contemporary African art market
Chéri Samba, La Destruction du monde par l'hommeContemporary Art | In 1989, Les Magiciens de la terre was presented at the Grandes Halles de la Villette and the Centre Pompidou, triggering a strong polemic in the art world; it was the first time an exhibition welcomed unknown artists from all continents while trying to […]
Read more » | 14/12/16
AKAA draws attention to African contemporary art
Extrait de la performance Contemporary Art | In line with the London 1 : 54 Contemporary African Art Fair, the first edition of the Parisian fair AKAA – Also Known as Africa – confirms the establishment of a new market trend covering the pluralities of contemporary Africa. Since the exhibition […]
Read more » 14/12/16
Takashi Murakami Case Study
Portrait de Takashi Murakami, photo Claire DornAnalysis out of the boxArt & Business | Contemporary artist Takashi Murakami, who originally studied Nihonga - traditional Japanese painting- at Tokyo University of the Arts, is nowadays considered the leader of Japanese Neo-Pop. Murakami’s market is underpinned by a brilliant organization […]
Read more » | 14/12/16
Sotheby’s auction raises Harry Bertoia’s position in the art market
Harry Bertoia, Untitled (Monumental Bush), welded bronze, circa 1970 | American artist and designer Harry Bertoia - who became famous for his iconic piece ‘Diamond Chair’ created in 1952 - is developing a growing interest in the secondary market. The trend has been confirmed by the success of Sotheby’s November 2016 […]
Read more » 13/12/16
The Naoshima Spirit
Chichu Art MuseumAnalysis out of the boxContemporary Art | The island of Naoshima, located at the core of an archipelago in the Seto Inland Sea, is currently characterized by an unparalleled cultural aura, receiving 500 000 international visitors each year. The pioneering spirit of this site can be traced back […]
Read more » | 06/12/16
Prada gœs beyond the limits of Time
Past Forward, Allison Williams LookbackArt & Business | In line with its involvement in the world of visual arts and cinema, the luxury brand Prada commissioned the Oscar-winning American filmmaker David O. Russell to direct a short film in collaboration with the brand. Russell evokes Hollywood’s sublime […]
Read more » 28/11/16
Urban hacking, when art reveals the city
Mark JenkinsContemporary Art | From counter-power to counter-culture; when the notion of “hacking” is transposed to the city’s public space, the streets become a field of experimentation and potentialities. From an artistic perspective, urban hacking interventions consist of […]
Read more » | 26/11/16
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