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Permanent contributors

The permanent contributing team filters and analyzes the influx of information and cultural data, imaging the interference of other domains, such as science, finance, economics and global cartography. They propose exclusive content, keeping a distance from current events.

Nina Rodrigues-Ely
Contemporary Art Consultant - Editorial Director
Nina Rodrigues-Ely, contemporary Art Consultant - Editorial DirectorEditorial director, specialist in contemporary art and the art market. Anticipating the profound mutations in the contemporary art ecosystem, she founded the Observatiore de l’art contemporain in 2006, a prospective platform for decoding, analyzing and advising, that has developed an editorial pole with a digital review dedicated to decoding as well as an agency. She teaches on the contemporary art market and contemporary art at the INSEEC Business School, participates in the IESA development comity, in addition to working with Drouot Formation.
Manuel Fialho
Brand & Design Strategy Consultant - Semiology
Manuel Fialho, brand & Design Strategy Consultant - SemiologyManuel Fialho teaches brand strategy in several business schools, ESCP and INSEEC. He studies the contribution of contemporary art to business and business strategy, focusing on concepts of identity and imagination. He participated in the 2006 creation of the original idea for the analytic review Observatoire de l’art contemporain.
Virginie Bertrand
Communications, Fashion & Art Consultant
Virginie Bertrand, communications, Fashion & Art ConsultantHer specialty : reflecting and acting on brand images with a transversal and multi-channel approach where art is integrated as a source of content. She taught strategic marketing in art at the INSEEC from 2012 to 2014.
Vincent Kozsilovics
Art market online & digital art specialist
Vincent Kozsilovics, art market online & digital art specialistPassionate about new information technology and communication, as well as new modes of art diffusion, Vincent Kozsilovics observes mutations in the art market as it moves from the real to online dematerialization.
Carlotta Montaldo
Contemporary Art specialist
Carlotta Montaldo, contemporary Art specialistSince 2008 she has participated in the organisation of artist and artisan exhibitions at the Thotel de Cagliari and in the promotion of Sardinian artists at international fairs. Her passion for contemporary art and her curiousity have lead her to analyse new trends in the contemporary market.
Dominique de Varine
Semiotic brand and object consultant
Dominique de Varine, semiotic brand and object consultantA specialist in communication issues, he has developed a methodology specific to the semiotics of branding and the object. For the last fifteen years, he has pursued a semiotic approach to color.

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