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Trends in sight

Significant trends in Contemporary Art, Art Market, Art & Business are identified and described.

Art Paris Art Fairs 2018: a cartography of cultural scenes
Art Paris Art FairArt Market | The latest Art Paris Art Fair edition encapsulates the global geopolitical and geo-cultural development through a cartography of contemporary artistic scenes. In 2018, the fair has centered around the Swiss scene’s new generation and the rediscovery of […]
Read more » | 15/03/18
Christie’s, leader sur le marché des enchères en 2017
Jussi Pylkkänen durant la vente du Salvator Mundi de Leonardo da Vinci à Christie's New York en novembre 2017Art Market | (Being translated) Après une année 2016 marquée par des résultats mitigés, Christie’s réalise en 2017 un chiffre d’affaire de 6.6 milliards de dollars, soit une hausse de 21% par rapport à 2016 (5.4 milliards de dollars). Portée par des […]
Read more » | 13/02/18
Exposition 'Sous Le Ciel', Leandro Erlich au Bon Marché Rive GaucheArt & Business | Entertainment or the art of amusement, was born from the consumer society. Nowadays, it is associated with an “egocentric” experience through which emotions lead to the fields of pleasure and desire. Le Bon Marché plays with this concept […]
Read more » | 16/01/18
The online art market, a sector in development
Courtesy of NYPostArt Market | The 5th edition of the Hiscox Online Art Trade Report, which was published by Hiscox in collaboration with ArtTactic, reveals a 2-digit growth in the online sales market, as it did last year. The report is based on the responses of 758 art buyers (up […]
Read more » | 15/01/18
Paris photo: an ecosystem based on inspiration and open to the market
Juana Gomez, Sistema Central, 2015Art Market | The field of photography embraces diverse worlds and markets : from historical and technical photography to documentaries and photo-reportage; also interacting with the fields of fashion, cinema, publishing and art. Twenty years after the pioneering fair […]
Read more » | 29/11/17
Profiling the young generation of Chinese collectors
Grand Opening Celebration at Shanghai K11Art Market | China harbors more than 600 billionaires, every week new economic powers emerge, mainly in Beijing, Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Among them, some young people are standing out by investing in the art market. […]
Read more » | 15/11/17
Prospective trends seen at FIAC 2017
Tomás Saraceno, Stillness in Motion - 35.02, 2017Art Market | Although leading international art fairs are mainly market-oriented, they also convey relevant information on creative trends. As far as the art market is concerned, the International Contemporary Art Fair (FIAC) confirms the concentration of historic […]
Read more » | 25/10/17
Ai Weiwei and his media alter ego
Ai WeiweiArt Market | Since his arrival in Germany in July 2015, artist Ai Weiwei has multiplied his exhibitions and pubIic interventions around the world. For each of his recent projects, the artist has made use of his media alter ego. […]
Read more » | 22/10/17
The House of Dust By Alison Knowles: the pœtry of algorithms at the CNEAI
Exposition CNEAI - House of Dust, Vue GénéraleContemporary Art | The House of Dust is the CNEAI’s inaugural exhibition at its new location in Pantin. It reactivates the reflections developed by Alison Knowles during the late 1960’s, which focused on the prospect of an architecture embracing both pœtry and […]
Read more » | 07/10/17
“Alien”: anticipation of a potential future at the Moss biennial
Bui Adalsteinsson, Fly Factory, 2014Contemporary Art | The ninth edition of the nordic Momentum Biennial, which takes place in the city of Moss in Norway, explores the notion of Alienation through the technological, ecological and social transformations that result from our hyperconnected digital age. In […]
Read more » | 11/09/17
Art Basel #17, reconfiguring the market around essentials
Franz Erhard Walther, Der Genauigkeit wegen nur lose angelehnt, 1980-83Art Market | The art scene´s recent tendency has been to develop hyper-specialized alternative fairs, often devoted to one specific culture. In this context, Art Basel #17 confirms a new trend observed in 2016 in Art Cologne, the Frieze Art Fair and the FIAC : the […]
Read more » | 27/06/17
Seen at the 2017 Venice Biennale: art that perceives, anticipates and reflects on the complex world
View of the exhibition “The Boat is Leaking. The Captain Lied.” Fondazione Prada, Venice / From left to right: Thomas Demand, Regen (Rain), 2008 - Alexander Kluge, “…Kommt ein Schiff gefahren” (“…A Ship Sails this Way”), 2017Contemporary Art | Complex thought, a contemporary philosophical current created by scientist Henri Laborit and conceptualized by Edgar Morin in 1982 (Science with conscience), is expanding in the context of our globalized world. Complexity has gradually infiltrated […]
Read more » | 08/06/17
Oscar Murillo, a market trend
Oscar MurilloArt Market | During the second half of 2013, the prices of Colombian artist Oscar Murillo’s pieces rocketed in the secondary market. However, the auction high seemed to be caused by a sudden speculative phenomenon, since a year later the value of his artworks […]
Read more » | 25/04/17
The African case, an art market in the making
Njideka Akunyili Crosby, Nwantinti, 2012Art Market | In 1989, not only did the exhibition “Magiciens de la Terre” reverse prejudice but it also predicted an emerging art market. From 2004 to 2007, Africa remix, an itinerant exhibition led by curator Simon Njami, presented the continent’s plurality as […]
Read more » | 31/01/17
The birth of a Contemporary African art market
Chéri Samba, La Destruction du monde par l'hommeContemporary Art | In 1989, Les Magiciens de la terre was presented at the Grandes Halles de la Villette and the Centre Pompidou, triggering a strong polemic in the art world; it was the first time an exhibition welcomed unknown artists from all continents while trying to […]
Read more » | 14/12/16
Urban hacking, when art reveals the city
Mark JenkinsContemporary Art | From counter-power to counter-culture; when the notion of “hacking” is transposed to the city’s public space, the streets become a field of experimentation and potentialities. From an artistic perspective, urban hacking interventions consist of […]
Read more » | 26/11/16
The Gutai movement, through the global market’s perspective
Vue de l'exposition Art Market | In December 1954, in a country still shaken by the trauma of the Second World War, Jiro Yoshihara (1905-1972) founded the Gutai movement around a gathering of roughly fifteen young artists. The movement’s longevity and its members’ plastic proposals […]
Read more » | 12/11/16
Artviatic, online art broker
Portrait Antoine Van de BeuqueArt Market | The expansion of the online market in the last three years is testament to a profound change in purchasing mindsets and behaviors. The principal online distribution channels are through auctions and the first market sites. The Artviatic website sets […]
Read more » | 27/10/16
FIAC 2016 ramps up its cultural influence
Présenté par Marian Goodman Gallery, Paris, New-York & Alfonso Artiaco, Naples. Courtesy of the artist, Marian Goodman Gallery & Alfonso ArtiacoContemporary Art | Under the impetus of director Jennifer Flay, the 2016 FIAC is increasing its cultural influence in Paris through engaging with major contemporary trends, bringing together the marketplace and a “biennial spirit” - creating a space for reflecting on […]
Read more » | 29/09/16
The Switch House twists world cultures
Switch HouseContemporary Art | An old brick power station renovated and redesigned by Herzog & De Meuron on a modest budget, the 2000 opening of Tate Modern was part of a wider political campaign to rehabilitate London’s southern districts. Conceived by the same Bale-based firm on a […]
Read more » | 05/09/16

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