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Trends in sight

Significant trends in Contemporary Art, Art Market, Art & Business are identified and described.

Forensic Architecture: extension of the field of architecture
The Architecture of Hellfire Romeo: Drone strike in Miranshah, Pakistan, 2012VIRTUAL•TIMEContemporary Art | Forensic Architecture is an atypical research agency founded in 2011 and based at Goldsmiths College in London. Its founder Eyal Weizman explains that the term forensic is to be understood by getting back to the Latin forensis, « what pertains […]
Read more » | 14/02/19
La Biennale de Sao Paulo entremêle visions culturelles et générations
Vue générale du Pavillon de la 33e Biennale de Sao PauloContemporary Art | (Being Translated) Créée en 1951, la 33e Biennale de Sao Paulo, la plus importante du continent sud-américain, s’affranchit des codes en s’appuyant principalement sur le travail individuel de sept artistes-curateurs. Intitulée Afinidades […]
Read more » | 28/01/19
What is digital drawing ?
David Hockney, untitled 918 & untitled 922, 2011
iPad drawingVIRTUAL•TIMEContemporary Art | « I was amazed that it was the telephone which can bring back drawing. I thought that was very funny ! » notes David Hockney, who took hold of the iphone and then the ipad for drawing almost as early as they appeared (2007 and 2010), and recovered with […]
Read more » | 12/01/19
How dœs an artist work in virtual reality?
Jeff Koons, Phryne avec Acute Art, œuvre en réalité virtuelle•TIMEContemporary Art | The technological transformations specific to virtual reality open the way for the first artistic experiments. Collaborations between artists and specialized service providers are developing, although the cost of production remains very high. From a […]
Read more » | 14/12/18
Paris Photo 2018, une ampleur Fine Arts
David Hockney - Focus Moving, 2018Contemporary Art | (Being translated) Depuis son installation au grand Palais, Paris Photo s’attache à développer tous les aspects du médium photographique avec une ampleur et une exigence qui portent aujourd’hui tous leurs fruits. Cette qualité « Fine arts » et […]
Read more » | 27/11/18
Quand le marketing de l'événement manipule le marché et l'information
L’oeuvre ‘‘Girl with Balloon‘‘ adjugée 1.185.000 € lors de la vente Sotheby’s Londres du 5 octobre 2018Art Market | (Being translated) Tandis que Christie’s met l’accent sur la « première » œuvre d’intelligence artificielle produite par le collectif Obvious, Sotheby’s sort sa carte « événement garanti » avec une œuvre de Banksy qui apparemment «  […]
Read more » | 31/10/18
How dœs an artist work with artificial intelligence ?
Vera Molnar, Square Structures,1989VIRTUAL•TIMEContemporary Art | As Christie’s auctioned for the first time (October 2018) a painting created using artificial intelligence by a French collective called Obvious, the magic expression is on every mouth. What is art by artificial intelligence?
Art by artificial […]

Read more » | 15/10/18
Frieze, FIAC, Paris Photo: the trends to know
Sanja Iveković, REČENICA (The Sentence), 1979Contemporary Art | The three major fairs inaugurating the international season feature a cultural program that joins a vast movement of rewriting art history in line with societal changes in the West. We offer an overview of these trends. […]
Read more » | 28/09/18
Data Design, making the invisible intelligible
L’application Architecture of RadioVIRTUAL•TIMEContemporary Art | « Data » - today the term refers to any digitally recorded activity, composed of the computer flows generated by everyone on the Internet. This active memory is invisible. For the past twenty years, data design has been working to make data visible, to […]
Read more » | 13/09/18
Luxury, Art, Charity - a perfect synergy
Vente aux enchères menée par Alexandre Millon lors de la première édition de recto/verso en 2015Art & Business | Concomitantly with their commercial activities, there is a multiplication of philanthropic actions associating luxury brands with art and charity sales. These initiatives, whether they be punctual or regular, are part of real strategies. The reasons for […]
Read more » | 09/09/18
Will virtual reality museums transform the experience of the work of art?
Musée virtuel dslcollectionVIRTUAL•TIMEContemporary Art | The recent years have seen the emergence of virtual reality museums. Private collections are pioneers in this field, seeking a presentation mode that responds to the changes in contemporary society by making them accessible to a wider public. These […]
Read more » | 21/08/18
MoMAR: pirating a Museum through augmented reality
MoMARVIRTUAL•TIMEContemporary Art | In March 2018, the Jackson Pollock room in the New York City Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) was hacked; revealing how augmented reality has extended hacking to physical sites. On the website dedicated to this intervention one can read : “Welcome to […]
Read more » | 27/07/18
Expansion of the art press’s scope
Sans titreArt & Business | The French press specialized in art is currently going through a process of reconfiguration. It evolves in response to the globalization and market complexification phenomenons, which lead to a multiplication of stakeholders, an increasing audience for […]
Read more » | 26/06/18
Market outlook: Adrian Ghenie’s case
L’oeuvre Nickelodeon, 2008 d’Adrian Ghenie vendue 8.993.042$ (est. 1.265.022 - 1.897.533$) par Christie’s Londres le 6 octobre 2016Art Market | Berlin-based Romanian artist Adrian Ghenie, has reached an international dimension in only a matter of years. Ghenie belongs to the generation that lived through Romania’s shift from a dictatorship to a freer society in 1989, after Ceausescu’s […]
Read more » | 29/05/18
Market prospective: Eugène Leroy’s case
L’oeuvre ’’Grand nu assis’’, 1978-1980 adjugée par Artcurial pour 74.352€ (est. 50.000 - 70.000€) le 29 janvier 2008Art Market | Born in 1910, Eugène Leroy has been known since the 1970’s for his enigmatic art, which is characterized by the accumulation and solidification of pictorial materials into several layers. After his death in 2000, his work was progressively left behind […]
Read more » | 30/04/18
Art Paris Art Fairs 2018: a cartography of cultural scenes
Art Paris Art FairArt Market | The latest Art Paris Art Fair edition encapsulates the global geopolitical and geo-cultural development through a cartography of contemporary artistic scenes. In 2018, the fair has centered around the Swiss scene’s new generation and the rediscovery of […]
Read more » | 15/03/18
Christie’s: the auction market’s leader in 2017
Jussi Pylkkänen durant la vente du Salvator Mundi de Leonardo da Vinci à Christie’s New York en novembre 2017Art Market | After obtaining mixed results in 2016, Christie’s attained total global sales of 6.6 billion dollars in 2017 - a 21% increase in comparison with 2016 (5.4 billion dollars). The year’s sales were driven by important structural changes and exceptional […]
Read more » | 13/02/18
Exposition ’Sous Le Ciel’, Leandro Erlich au Bon Marché Rive GaucheArt & Business | Entertainment or the art of amusement, was born from the consumer society. Nowadays, it is associated with an “egocentric” experience through which emotions lead to the fields of pleasure and desire. Le Bon Marché plays with this concept […]
Read more » | 16/01/18
The online art market, a sector in development
Courtesy of NYPostArt Market | The 5th edition of the Hiscox Online Art Trade Report, which was published by Hiscox in collaboration with ArtTactic, reveals a 2-digit growth in the online sales market, as it did last year. The report is based on the responses of 758 art buyers (up […]
Read more » | 15/01/18
Paris photo: an ecosystem based on inspiration and open to the market
Juana Gomez, Sistema Central, 2015Art Market | The field of photography embraces diverse worlds and markets : from historical and technical photography to documentaries and photo-reportage; also interacting with the fields of fashion, cinema, publishing and art. Twenty years after the pioneering fair […]
Read more » | 29/11/17

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Juana Gomez, Sistema Central, 2015