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Trend in sight

Expansion of the art press’s scope

Art & Business | The French press specialized in art is currently going through a process of reconfiguration. It evolves in response to the globalization and market complexification phenomenons, which lead to a multiplication of stakeholders, an increasing audience for exhibitions, auction records, etc… In this dynamic context, which is the result of a blooming arts economy, press titles build their own brand and function as consortiums. Their current challenge is to reach the art world’s new public.

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The title’s visions and positions become more precise, the brands practice stretching and vary their platforms, using both the digital and paper options.

The Art Newspaper France : a shared international resource

Oddly, the latest actor to have joined the press market in France is not new to the arts media. TAN France appeared in the press landscape in March 2018, its director Philippe Régnier initiated the digital platform Quotidien de l’Art. The brand was originally created by Turinese editor Umberto Allemandi in 1982, it then expanded through independent entities in different countries : Great Britain (the international HQ), China, Russia and Greece.
The Anglo-Saxon, Russian and French editions currently belong to Inna Bazhenova, who has promoted this ramified editorial model since 2012. One of the advantages of choosing a generic title is that it gathers a shared resource of analyses and investigations, which is enriched by each national office, but also that it benefits from a system of global contributors. As a consequence, The Art Newspaper has positioned itself as a transnational label, becoming extremely appealing to advertisers. This specificity differentiates the TAN from other newspapers such as the Quotidien de l’Art, which belongs to the Beaux Arts & Cie group since 2017, or the Journal des Arts (with 56,000 subscribers, a new formula in 2018 and reinforced referencing in kiosks). The French title projects to reach 10,000 subscribers in 2019.

Beaux Arts & Cie, today’s leading French cultural group

Beaux Arts Magazine leads the cultural press, reaching 61,356 copies in the category of paid diffusion according to ACPM OJD 2017. It was acquired in 2016 by Frédéric Jousset, who gave it a new strategic vision with the creation of the Beaux Arts & Cie group. The acquisition of the Quotidien de l’Art in October 2017 and the creation of the Hebdomadaire de l’Art (counting with 8,000 subscribers to date and directed at a professional public) complemented Jousset’s project. However, Beaux Arts & Cie was conceived as both a media and non-media group, such as the Figaro or specialized titles like Monocle or Vice. Its spheres of action initially relied on its editorial expertise, and then expanded in the digital platform and the field of events organization. Its presentation as a media and non-media group was announced half-way through the year 2018 with the creation of new areas :, BeauxArts Événements (events), BeauxArts Formations (training courses) and BeauxArts Conseil (consulting). In this way, Beaux Arts & Cie became a multi-disciplinary group, creating a complete ecosystem by incorporating different elements of the blooming cultural economy : from editorial content for both general and professional publics to cultural engineering services (consulting, training programs, events organization, trips…).

Connaissance des Arts and Les Echos, a shared public

Connaissance des Arts is part of the group Les Echos, it shares its vision with a focus on other sources of business such as the edition of reprints and the production of content for brands or conference cycles. Born in 1952, the monthly title was the first to specialize in the artistic field; nowadays it counts with 45,085 copies according to OJD 2017, defining itself as the “reference of all arts, all times”. Its readership is mainly conformed by well-off people of over 45 years old, mainly living in the Parisian region. New sections have appeared on the way : Étude d’une œuvre and Récit d’une vie. The title’s dynamism is remarkable on social media with more than 155,000 visits per month on the website, 155,000 followers on Facebook and 38,000 on Twitter.

In addition to these groups we find the monthly title ArtPress, which remains a safe bet for professionals; with a paid subscription of 35,000 copies, it offers reflective views on art and society. The biannual titles Numéro Art and l’Officiel Art, which come from the fashion press, combine art and luxury with contents on contemporary art’s latest trends. They blend diverse creative worlds with exclusive contributions from artists, photographers and writers

Virginie Bertrand
Publié le 26/06/2018
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