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Artviatic, online art broker

Art Market | The expansion of the online market in the last three years is testament to a profound change in purchasing mindsets and behaviors. The principal online distribution channels are through auctions and the first market sites. The Artviatic website sets itself apart, developing a new online model : buying and selling through intermediaries and brokers.

Portrait Antoine Van de Beuque © Antoine Van de Beuque / ArtViatic
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Portrait Antoine Van de Beuque
© Antoine Van de Beuque / ArtViatic

The original model of the intermediary connecting a buyer and a seller for a specific transaction necessitates a relationship of confidence between all involved parties, with discretion in regards to the work and its price. Certain buyers even prefer acquiring more costly works that have never been up for auction, without any form of publicity.
The Artviatic system adapts these basics of the field to the evolving market of digital buying and selling while ensuring security :
- Highlighting founder Antoire Van de Beuque’s past experience at Wildenstein, his awareness of networks and his realist vision of the digital economy creates confidence.
- Digitally connecting buyers and sellers according to two price groups : a 840 euro annual fee gives access to a catalogue of works starting at 150,000 euro while free access to works between 20,000 and 150,000 brings the site close to a simple online marketplace.
- Transparency as to the commission in case of sale with a standard fee : 3% for each party, 6% total.
- Data protection guaranteeing total confidentiality during online negotiations.

As for “brand” auction houses, sourcing of works, their quality, a guarantee of their provenance, and scientific examination is the keystone of a serious reputation. Seeking out quality works through an invisible network is essential so that the dematerialized first contact between buyer and seller produces a context of confidence.
Artviatic benefits from a broad range of sellers, from 30 to 90 years old : 60% are collectors, 30% dealers, and 20% are art investment funds that use the platform as a tool for placing their investments.

Logo ArtViatic © ArtViatic
Logo ArtViatic
© ArtViatic

Artviatic is also developing customized support services around this central activity for certain transactions : escrow accounts, insurance, face-to-face meetings, art handling and transport… The Artviatic cultural magazine is published weekly (general information and thematic dossiers), cultivating potential customer loyalty across the globe.
This model demonstrates a restructuring now underway across the online marketplace.

Nina Rodrigues-Ely
Publié le 27/10/2016
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Portrait Antoine Van de Beuque © Antoine Van de Beuque / ArtViatic Logo ArtViatic © ArtViatic

Portrait Antoine Van de Beuque
© Antoine Van de Beuque / ArtViatic

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