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Prada goes beyond the limits of Time

Art & Business | In line with its involvement in the world of visual arts and cinema, the luxury brand Prada commissioned the Oscar-winning American filmmaker David O. Russell to direct a short film in collaboration with the brand. Russell evokes Hollywood’s sublime imagery through Past forward, a 12-minute multi-platform film, which circulates online, in movie theaters, galleries and social media.

Past Forward, Allison Williams Lookback © Prada
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Past Forward, Allison Williams Lookback
© Prada

David O. Russell’s film overlaps cinematographic references that are engraved in the collective unconscious with a preponderant musical line that recalls the soundtrack of Alfred Hitchcock’s mythical Vertigo. It is worth remembering that, in 1999, Bernard Hermann’s composition had already inspired Scottish artist Douglas Gordon to produce Feature Film. The 74 min. movie, which corresponds to Vertigo’s length, puts an emphasis on the film’s soundtrack while focusing on filming the gestures and facial expressions of the orchestra conductor James Conlon; provoking a temporary dizziness.

Past Forward’s structure is a ‘mise en abîme’, intertwining black and white textures with splendid lighting characteristic of Hollywood’s cinema. The film features fashion model icons : Indian Freida Pinto, American Allison Williams and Ethiopian Kuoth Wiel, who seem to evoke comparison to classic movie icons such as Marylin Monroe, Dorothy Dandridge or Ava Gardner. The masculine characters are also diverse, featuring Western, African and Asian actors. Past Forward’s talent to move between cinematographic references creates a dilated/contracted effect on space and time, representative of the contemporary world and takes aim at strategic targets in the luxury industry : the Indian, American, Asian and African markets.

Nina Rodrigues-Ely
Publié le 28/11/2016
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Past Forward, Allison Williams Lookback © Prada Past Forward,Kuoth Wiel and Sinqua Walls © Prada Give me yesterday,Greg ReynoldsJesus Days, 1978-1983 © Greg Reynolds Give me yesterday, Izumi  MiyazakiHair cut, 2016 © Izumi Miyazaki

Past Forward, Allison Williams Lookback
© Prada

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