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Analysis out of the box

Putting into perspective and finding references used in decoding the keys to Contemporary Art, the Art Market, Art & Business.

Market prospective: Takesada Matsutani
Takesada Matsutani, Paris, mai 2015Analysis out of the boxArt Market | Born in Osaka in 1937, Takesada Matsutani has developed a complex body of work in the past 50 years. The artist intertwines the universe of traditional Japanese painting and the avant-garde spirit of the Gutai movement, also drawing inspiration from […]
Read more » | 21/07/18
Les centres commerciaux et l'art
MédiacitéAnalysis out of the boxArt & Business | (Being translated) Dès le début du XXe siècle, les grands magasins et l’art se sont entrecroisés. Aujourd’hui, plus que de simples initiatives sporadiques, des centres commerciaux font entrer l’art, l’exposition, la collection ou l’installation […]
Read more » | 25/06/18
Prospective Marché: le cas Supports/Surfaces
Vue de l’exposition ‘‘Claude Viallat, Oeuvres Majeures 1967 - 2017‘‘ à la Galerie Ceysson & Bénétière New YorkAnalysis out of the boxArt Market | (Being Translated) En octobre 1970, dans une société française qui mesure l’ampleur des répercussions de mai 68, une douzaine d’artistes investit le Musée d’art Moderne de la Ville de Paris sous le nom Supports/Surfaces. Ce groupe militant […]
Read more » | 31/05/18
Can a French award increase an artist’s international reach?
Prix Marcel Duchamp 2017 Joana Hadjithomas et Khalil JoreigeAnalysis out of the boxContemporary Art | As in other professional corporations, the field of contemporary art counts with a variety of awards; given by brands, companies, foundations, collectors’ associations… While not all of them have a significant impact on their beneficiary’s […]
Read more » | 30/04/18
Olfaction, an alternative to the visual sense
Wolfgang Georgsdorf - Osmodrama 2017Analysis out of the boxContemporary Art | The olfactory sense has been a key component in the history of artistic creation. Long neglected in favor of the visual approach, it is nowadays widely explored by artists who incorporate the olfactory dimension in their creative processes. […]
Read more » | 27/02/18
Les biennales d’art contemporain, terrains d’observation prospective
Mingwei Lee, The Mending Project 2009/2017 (mixed media interactive installation, table, chairs, thread, fabric items)Analysis out of the boxContemporary Art | (being Translated) Les biennales et les grandes manifestations d’art contemporain se multiplient à travers le monde. Aujourd’hui, elles représentent un enjeu économique majeur; à la fois levier du rayonnement culturel et catalyseur du tourisme […]
Read more » | 28/12/17
The keys to understanding the art scene in Qatar
Exterior of Al Riwaq Exhibition Hall, Doha, QatarAnalysis out of the boxArt Market | In the 1940s, the discovery of oil transformed Qatar’s pearling economy into a global one. Nowadays, the Emirate has adopted a development strategy similar to that of a multinational company; it focuses on transforming the oil and gas rents into […]
Read more » | 30/08/17
Fiber Art, a thread that weaves different worlds
Chiharu Shiota, where are we going, 2017Analysis out of the boxContemporary Art | Thread is made of fiber - textile, paper or other - and bears witness to an ancestral process. From fiber to thread, from spinning to weaving, tools are born, a knowledge base, forms, architecture, culture, networks’ up to the present day, where the […]
Read more » | 22/07/17
Psychoanalysis of the garden
Miguel Chevalier, Magic Carpets, Castel del Monte, Italie, 2014Analysis out of the boxContemporary Art | In his text Of other spaces, Heterotopias (1967) Foucault wrote : “ (…) the garden is a rug onto which the whole world comes to enact its symbolic perfection, and the rug is a sort of garden that can move across space. The garden is the smallest […]
Read more » | 26/05/17
The rising development of the contemporary art market in Africa
LagosPhoto 2016Analysis out of the boxArt Market | According to the United Nations’ projections, the African population will reach 1.5 billion inhabitants in 2025; among them 60% will live in urban areas (2015 DESA report). Although it is often qualified as a “rentier continent”, stuck in the […]
Read more » | 24/02/17
Journey across the infrathin, a virtual exhibition
Larry Bell, Standing Walls à la Chinati Foundation 2014Analysis out of the boxContemporary Art | Picture yourself entering an exhibition space where you are welcomed by small black mirrors, their reflections giving the whole room a golden shade. You can pick them up and wander around the exhibit with them. You look for Lorrain’s paintings but find […]
Read more » | 16/01/17
Takashi Murakami Case Study
Portrait de Takashi Murakami, photo Claire DornAnalysis out of the boxArt & Business | Contemporary artist Takashi Murakami, who originally studied Nihonga - traditional Japanese painting- at Tokyo University of the Arts, is nowadays considered the leader of Japanese Neo-Pop. Murakami’s market is underpinned by a brilliant organization […]
Read more » | 14/12/16
The Naoshima Spirit
Chichu Art MuseumAnalysis out of the boxContemporary Art | The island of Naoshima, located at the core of an archipelago in the Seto Inland Sea, is currently characterized by an unparalleled cultural aura, receiving 500 000 international visitors each year. The pioneering spirit of this site can be traced back […]
Read more » | 06/12/16
Paris Photo: photography through its constant transformation
David Hockney, John St Clair swimming April 1972Analysis out of the boxContemporary Art | Paris Photo, the first international fair dedicated to photography, celebrates its 20th edition in 2016. Since 1997 the fair has, each year, defined the contours of a versatile artistic field, showing its constant boundary-breaking transformations. In […]
Read more » | 16/11/16
Collector profile: Giuliana & Tommaso Setari
Giuliana Setari Causi devant «Asymmetrical Pyramid», 1986, de Sol LeWitAnalysis out of the boxContemporary Art | “Art accustoms you to beauty and rigor… to upholding standards.” For the Setaris, proximity with art and artists is an important part of self-construction, prefiguring the adoption of a broad worldview. Tommaso grew up in Rome surrounded by the […]
Read more » | 03/10/16
The Californian Way of Life : œuvre totale
Sans titreAnalysis out of the boxArt Market | (Being Translated) Los Angeles a le vent en poupe, développe une nouvelle puissance culturelle, de création et de marché qui trouve ses fondations à la fois dans un contexte géographique, géologique ainsi que dans la formulation d’une identité […]
Read more » | 15/08/16
Code as structure: art from the electronic to digital age
Robert Smithsom, 66 cryosphereAnalysis out of the boxContemporary Art | The principle of coding is as old as humanity; from the Latin “codex”- a collection of laws - a term that itself comes from “caudex” which originally designated the trunk of a tree. This image illustrates the idea that memory is at play : any code […]
Read more » | 09/06/16
An esthetics of politics: Argentine production
Rosario Group. Tucumán Arde (Tucumán brûle), 1968. Graffiti. Archive Graciela Carnevale, Rosario, ArgentineAnalysis out of the boxContemporary Art | In 1968, artists, journalists and sociologists join together in the Tucumán Arde project, laying the groundwork for “ideological conceptualism” in Latin America in what would become one of the continent’s most radical esthetic-political […]
Read more » | 25/05/16
Collector profile: Paul-Emmanuel Reiffers
Paul-Emmanuel Reiffers devant un bronze de Thomas Houseago de 2013, intitulé « Yet to Be Titled (Helmet Head on Plinth) »Analysis out of the boxContemporary Art | A feeling of space and freedom permeates Paul-Emmanuel Reiffers’s childhood spent in the Ivory Coast, where he grew up in an environment of “tolerance and an openness to others.” His father expatriates to Abidjan in the 1960’s, choosing to work […]
Read more » | 12/05/16
Why is Milan the capital of the global design market ?
Federico Maccapani pour Missoni, Design Week 2014Analysis out of the boxArt & Business | Milan, along with Turin and Genoa, is one corner of the industrial triangle at the root of the Italian economic boom of the 50’s and 60’s. Its specificity is to have symbiotically connected, through the private sector, industrialization with art […]
Read more » | 27/04/16

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Federico Maccapani pour Missoni, Design Week 2014