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The advice bureau is composed of a permanent team of specialized consultants who have in common : the ability to analyze, field experience in contemporary art sectors, brand strategy, cultural communications, operation of digital networks.

Nina Rodrigues-Ely
Contemporary Art Consultant - Editorial Director
Nina Rodrigues-Ely, contemporary Art Consultant - Editorial Director A law graduate with a diploma from the Ecole du Louvre, Nina Rodrigues-Ely was also trained at the Yvon Lambert gallery, the Cartier Foundation and the Cantini Museum (Marseille) before creating and managing the galerie de marseille from 1991 to 1996. She has represented Claudio Parmiggiani in France and continues to manage his institutional work and public and private procurements. In 2006 she founded the Observatoire de l'art contemporain which she has since managed, in order to allow her clientele to benefit from her analytical skills, her knowledge of the market and the world of contemporary art, and the experience she has gained over the past twenty years among artists, collectors and institutions.
Manuel Fialho
Brand & Design Strategy Consultant - Semiology
Manuel Fialho, brand & Design Strategy Consultant - Semiology An ESCP Europe Business School graduate and sociologist, Manuel Fialho is a brand and design strategy consultant; a subject that he teaches in a number of business schools. He has worked with a variety of top brands including L'Oréal, Lancaster, Microsoft, Bic, LU-Danone, Lefranc & Bourgeois and Air France. He is currently studying the benefits that contemporary art can bring to business and corporate strategy, with a focus on issues of identity and image. In 2006 he contributed to defining the original concept of the Observatoire de l'art contemporain's analytical review.
Virginie Bertrand
Communications, Fashion & Art Consultant
Virginie Bertrand, communications, Fashion & Art Consultant Virginie Valorso Bertrand is an expert in 360° marketing for brands and companies. After seven years' experience in advertising agencies, she managed communications for Galeries Lafayette before working as Communications Director for the French Federation of ready-to-wear clothing and fashion shows. There, she invented the Fashion Art Culture journey in her shows, launched the "Mode" and "Vive la Mode" éditions L'Oeil and organised numerous exhibitions including Air de Paris. Her passion is to reflect and work on brand image with a cross-cutting, multi-channel approach in which art constitutes a source of content, events and collaborations.
Vincent Kozsilovics
Community Manager
Vincent Kozsilovics, community Manager Passionate about new information technologies and communications as well as new methods of artistic distribution, Vincent Kozsilovics studied applied mathematics at the University Paris VI. He has since undergone formal training in contemporary art, enhanced by his contact with artists, curators and Nina Rodrigues-Ely. At the Observatoire de l'art contemporain he is responsible for putting his ITC skills to use in order to spark social interaction between various entities on the social media platforms.
Carlotta Montaldo
Contemporary Art specialist
Carlotta Montaldo, contemporary Art specialist Art Native with a diploma in Italian general law and a specialization in Art History (Universita degli Studi di Perugia), Carlotta came to Paris to study the art market (Art Market and international negotiations - INSEEC Business School). Since 2008 she has participated in the organisation of artist and artisan exhibitions at the Thotel de Cagliari and in the promotion of Sardinian artists at international fairs. Her passion for contemporary art and her curiousity have lead her to analyse new trends in the contemporary market. She accompanies the Observatoire at fairs and artistic events (Choices, Art Paris Art Fair...) and in its relationship with collectors.
Dominique de Varine
Semiotic brand and object consultant
Dominique de Varine, semiotic brand and object consultant A specialist in communication issues, he has developed a methodology specific to the semiotics of branding and the object since 1987. For the last fifteen years, he has pursued a semiotic approach to color. He has worked for BWM, Group Flo (Grandes Brasseries), Salomon... In parallel, he has developed a body of work dealing with the question of the real, in relation with concrete art. He is a graduate of the E.H.E.S.S., A.-J. Greimas's seminar, and J.-M. Floch's visual semiotics workshop (G.R.S.L.).
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